A veteran of the insurance business since 1981, Mike has a well rounded set of experiences in the insurance marketplace and has found a growing demand for his seminars and expertise on Long Care Insurance and Long Term Care funding alternatives.

Mike has been featured on a number of radio talk shows and authored the book/training manual, “Fundamentals of Annuities” which was published by Golden Rule Insurance in training agents and company personnel.

Starting off as a career agent with Golden Rule Insurance , working with clients on Life Insurance, Annuities, Health Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance then as a Brokerage Manager working with agents in the Midwest, he eventually moved to the Financial Services side of the business in the early 90’s.  At this point, he was working primarily with Life Insurance, Annuities and “ASSET BASED LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE”.  He worked with Golden Rule Insurance for approximately 25 years as a Regional Manager/Regional Vice-President and then as Regional Vice-President with State Life Insurance when the Financial Services division was sold to State Life.  He covered anywhere from 2-6 states during this time frame.  Currently is an independent wholesaler and owner of Caslin Long Term Care Insurance.

He has worked with thousands of agents and clients over the years, specializing in Long Term Care issues and “Alternative Solutions” for Long Term Care planning.  He has conducted many Continuing Education Seminars for Agents and Informational Seminars for clients and also works individually with clients on finding better solutions for LTC planning.

A graduate of Iowa State University and a former Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, Mike lives in Alexis, IL. with his wife Bonnie.


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