8 Reasons Not To Buy Long Term Care Insurance!

#8: You like to be surprised each day with your meals. Maybe you really did like that “Mystery Meat” they served in school. Going to an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home does cut down on your choice of cuisine.

#7: Kids were really a pain growing up. You always told them “paybacks are h**l!” So now it’s their turn to take care of you! See how they like it…

#6: You like someone else making all your decisions. If you don’t have the funds to decide where you are going to live, you may find that others will make those decisions for you. Living in a facility may mean having to give up some choices or alternatives.

#5: The kids are rich… let them take care of me. The kids are doing well, so just move in with them. You paid for their care growing up so now they can help take care of you. Also see #7!

#4: My home is too big! You like the idea of living in one or two rooms and getting rid of all the excess stuff you have accumulated over your lifetime.

#3: Freedom of Choice is such an overrated idea. If you don’t have the assets or some type of Long Term Care plan, you may end up with fewer and fewer choices on your type of care and where it is provided.

#2: I don’t need all those assets anyway. To go to the nursing home and have the government take care of you (Medicaid) you have to use or get rid of most of your assets.

#1: The Government does such a great job! They have done such a great job with everything else and seem to know what they are doing so why not let them take care of you in your later years!

As you hopefully can tell, I am being very Tongue-in-Cheek here! The point I am really trying to get across is that by having some type of Long Term Care Insurance in place, it will give you more choices on what type of care you receive and where you receive it. Long Term Care Insurance is really all about CHOICES!

The type I would suggest you consider is “ASSET BASED” Long Term Care Insurance. This type of plan guarantees that you will never receive any premium rate increase and best of all… if you never use the benefits or don’t use all of them… they pass on to your heirs, in many cases Income Tax Free. If you would like to discuss these ideas or Long Term Care Insurance in general, please give me a call at 309-297-0296 or email me at mwcaslin@msn.com. If you were referred to this site by another agent, please give them a call.


About Mike Caslin

Been in the Insurance Business approximately 30 years and specialize in finding "Alternative Solutions for Long Term Care Planning." This is primarily using Life and Annuity based Long Term Care products where if you don't use them, the benefits get passed on to your heirs. A WIN-WIN solution to Long Term Care Planning. Former Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps.
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